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  •  You don’t lose consciousness because hypnosis is not sleep

  • Anyone with a normal intelligence can go into Hypnosis

  • All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, as hypnotists we just guide you to the state of hypnosis, we are more like facilitators because we don’t have a magic stick or powers to make you go into hypnosis.

  • You never lose control during hypnosis. That’s why you would never accept suggestions against your moral values or your beliefs.

  • You can never get stuck in hypnosis. If an emergency happened, you would come out from hypnosis  and open your eyes easily.

  • Hypnosis is not a quick fix. It requires a dedicated team effort, with the client accepting responsibility for his or her own recovery through cooperation and commitment to the process.

  • Upon emerging from hypnosis you will feel refreshed, relaxed and fully awake and better than ever!  


The Benefits of Hypnosis

1) Hypnosis can help promote a deeper, healthier breathing pattern: Unfortunately many of us do not breathe in a healthy manner. Breathing in small rapid breaths using the small muscles of the chest makes a person feel tense. While slow, deep breathing with the large muscles of the abdomen creates feelings of calmness. Approximately 90% of all Hypnotic sessions begin with deep breathing exercises. Disordered breathing can cause mental fog, dizziness, irritability, chest pain, feeling numb and more.

2) Hypnosis relieves stress and tension. The hypnotic state is a deep state of mental and physical relaxation. As a result of deep mental and physical relaxation stress levels are reduced and everything in your body tends to function better. Relaxing deeply on a regular basis is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

3) Many body functions slow down when in a state of Hypnosis: Hypnotic relaxation, tends to slow the heart rate, lower respirations and lower blood pressure. Muscles naturally relax in hypnosis: When you breathe deeply a higher quantity of oxygen is delivered to the bloodstream.

4) Chemical imbalances can be, and often are, lessened in hypnosis: Deep relaxation can cause your brain to release the feel good chemicals that so many of us are lacking due to our hectic lifestyles. When using hypnotic relaxation on a regular basis these feel good chemicals often tend to balance out the chemicals that stimulate us. When chemical imbalances are corrected panic and anxiety attacks are often reduced or eliminated.

5) Regular use of hypnosis may enable and promote the human body’s natural abilities to heal and it promotes an increased ability to relax, better sleep, more control over your emotions and in general a sense of well being, peace and When we are relaxed and at ease our bodies feel good, our minds function better and we are able the think more clearly. We feel strong and have the sense of power and control we were meant to have.


Disclaimer: Please note that Hypnosis is a complimentary healing modality that can be used alongside, not instead of medical treatment.


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