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Doctor Oz talks about Hypnosis for Weight Loss in his show!


In my opinion, it's always great to see hypnosis portrayed in a proper way. Dr. Oz has always been open minded to talk about natural alternative ways of losing weight. I hope you can check out the video to understand Hypnosis better.




More People use Hypnosis to deal with Financial market Stress



The Wall Street Journal Newspaper. "After Gary Manouelian was laid off last year as a customer-service representative, he was anxious about his ability to pay off his mortgage and credit-card debt. So he sought help through hypnosis.


Thirty sessions and $1,500 later, Mr. Manouelian says he has since landed a government job and is working to pay off his debts. For this he thanks his hypnotist, Laura Ryan-Day in Austin, Texas. Read more..."


TORONTO (CP) - Women who undergo hypnosis just before breast cancer surgery need less anesthetic and experience lower levels of pain and other side-effects following the operation, a study has found. Read more......


Second cesarean with hypno-anesthesia in Iran


Payvand's Iran News ..."For the second time in the country, Iranian doctors have used hypnosis as the sole anesthetic to deliver a baby via cesarean section. Dr. Roya Khodaei Ob/Gyn, performed the C-section at Paiambaran hospital in Tehran. Dr. Hossein Almasian was the clinical hypnotherapist who used hypnosis on the mother Sara Tavassoli". Read more...



Athletes use Hypnosis in the Oympic Games


 August 22,2008. According to Australian Newspaper The AGE "STEVE HOOKER has been hypnotised to cure his pole-vaulting fears and is ready to jump for Olympic gold tonight. His journey to the top has had its speed bumps, and sessions with a hypnotherapist fixed his fragile mental state that almost caused him to quit". Read more......





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If you belong to a Company, Group or organization interested in finding out more about the benefits of Hypnosis and our different services, please give us a call or contact us by email and we will be happy to organize and present a seminar.


We are conveniently located in the Toronto area, Mississauga and Brampton and serve the following communities: Oakville, Hamilton, Burlington, Caledon, Georgetown, Orangeville, King City, Vaughn, Markham, Newmarket, Nobleton, North York, Oak Ridges, Schomberg, Stouffville, Thornhill, Toronto, Unionville, and Woodbridge.

Note: Hypnosis can be used as a complementary treatment to traditional medicine and not instead. If you suffer from a medical condition please consult with your doctor before making an appointment since Hypnosis is not a replacement for medical treatment.

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